The system

Kuts' bags are fully customizable & modular!
Everyone can design by himself his backpack adding easily pockets and accessories.

Our KUTS FiTS system is innovative :

Customize : We can mix colors, prints, pockets types and straps.
Modulate : Add one to 4 pockets according to your needs. Each pockets can also be used as an indepedent cross bodybag.

You can customize the volume and the colors of your bag according to your desires and needs.
Moreover each pocket can be used alone. Use the included shoulder strap and it becomes a cross bodybag.

There are 2 ways
to attached a Kuts' pocket

Tuto "the best practice"

Tuto "for people in a hurry"

Quality & Finishing touches

Body material is resistant. It is a polyester with a 900 Deniers density.

Its ber receives a special brush offering a visual aspect and a touch close to natural materials.
This fabric is deperlent, liquids slip on its surface and don’t penetrate it.

Neat details: stitchings, reinforcements, metallic accessories, lining, ...

Regulatory compliance of european environment

ReACH regulation protects human being health from risks linked to chemical substances.

All our products respect ReACH european environment norm.